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History of The Home

The Ocean House is situated in the Spring Lake Beach section of Spring Lake. Its 285 acres was Forman Osborn's farm until 1873 when it was purchased by The Spring Lake Beach Improvement Company to become a stylish seaside resort, planned by Frederick Anspach of Philadelphia. A large hotel, The Monmouth House, located at the southern end of fresh Pond was nucleus of this resort. The Ocean House was one of many hotels, guest houses, and Inns that were built in a period of construction frenzy.
Joseph Farira Jr. purchased the land in 1877 from the Spring Lake Improvement Company and sold it to Margaret Devine the following year (first Spring Lake flipper!). She contracted Morris Nevins and John Butcher to construct a boarding cottage. The original building extended along Sussex Avenue.
O.H. Brown, a man of importance to the development of Spring Lake acquired the hotel early in the 20th Century and renamed it The Colonial. Mr. Brown was also the proprietor of a dry goods store known for its fine furniture and English china. He outfitted the Colonial with fine oak, maple, and walnut furnishings. The tables and dressers were topped with marble. He added an annex with 13 rooms, 10 bathrooms, a dining room and full basement in 1914. This addition extended north along First Avenue. In 1928 the Taylor family took ownership. They added the stucco fa├žade and 5 bedrooms with baths.

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hThe original name Ocean House was reinstated when the Kaloostian Family became the proprietor in 1998. They redecorated the entire inn with a generous compliment of antiques. Color was used to enhance the exterior's Victorian style.
The Sussex Avenue entrance leads us from the porch into the reception lobby, flanked by the Library and the spacious Parlor, with French doors opening onto the glorious porch. Return to the lobby and observe the striking historical staircase that rises gracefully to the floors above it. At the conclusion of the 1873 Philadelphia Exhibition several buildings were dismantled and shipped to New Jersey, 4 were sent to Spring Lake. This staircase was also transported and installed. An additional 10 foot segment was transported south to the Smithsonian Museum.
This lovely hotel has enjoyed many blessings. None less than 141 years of responsible ownership and a reprieve from the 1900 conflagration. The fire was one block south on First Ave. The strong evening winds spread the ambers along First Ave and west to the lake then on to Salem, Eastlake, and Atlantic Avenues, reducing to cinders The Monmouth House with many hotels, shops, and cottages. The Ocean House was untouched that stormy night due to the direction of the prevailing winds.